When I am in my studio making pots, I consider how I intend the pots to be used.  Different pots for different foods.  I work in series, and try to improve the form on each successive pot.  The rhythm of my kickwheel, and the pace of making slab work are just the right speed for me.  When I glaze my pots I consider how foods will be presented in the pottery.  I draw bold patterns on my simple pots.  I try to bring something of an urban sensibility to traditional forms and techniques.

The environmental implications of my craft are important to me, so I make my firings carbon neutral by using waste wood from the local saw mill to fire my kiln. I appreciate the connection that tending the fire affords.  Wood crackles quietly and I am directly involved with the kiln.  I love that the fire, ash, and salt make their mark on my pots.

Courtney Martin
Bakersville, NC