Laurie gunderson

Presently, Laurie lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, where she operates a studio/showroom called Appalachian Piecework located at the Staunton depot.  There, she organizes and utilizes materials she’s collected over the years alongside the textile collection and contemporary pieces that are ever-evolving.  There are small pieced assemblages from hand-dyed fabrics, handsplit baskets, accessories  and shibori dyed textiles.  Within these pieces, she experiments with wood dyes and the wood itself.  When she holds a hickory bark basket in her hands, she feels the tree comes thru in the pieces.  The yellow pigments from the osage orange wood, the deep browns from the walnut hull and the purples from the logwood impart such richness to whatever textile they touch.  It is this richness she brings to her audience.  

38 Middlebrook Ave
Staunton, VA