Robert Patterson

My wood objects take as their starting point traditional shaker boxes and trays. The
objects borrow the "joinery" method mentioned in the earliest documentation of
shaker work, while my finishing procedures are skewed to allow for extensive surface
modification. I also maintain the general shaping of the shaker objects, ovals and
rounds, as they are very stable and involve a minimum of joints. The oval and round
shapes are visually self evident, and are kind to the hand.

In every case, the core material is wood. I mill my own bands, and use veneered stock
for the flat pieces. In many cases, I make my own veneered stock, recently including some metal sheeting, leather, and laminated paper. The contributions that common woods make to my objects are of no less interest than exotic varieties. While I try to control everything I can in the construction of these objects, the final outcome is a result of countless random occurrences and decisions.

Robert Patterson
Milton, GA