Our Story

Troika, a Russion word for “a team of three,” seems appropriate when describing the three determined women who opened this contemporary crafts gallery in downtown Floyd, VA. The gallery was started in 2009 by Silvie Granatelli, Susan Icove, and Gibby Waitzkin who are all full time artists with long careers in their fields. Their goal was to bring in other regional artists who specialized in fine craft.

The beginning of 2019 marked a shift for the gallery when the ownership changed hands to two fellow craftswomen, Annie Armistead and Abby Reczek. Both women had been working with the gallery for a few years before the transition occurred and were ready to continue the tradition of bringing craft to the local community. They maintain the connection with their predecessors


Annie Armistead and Abby Reczek

Gibby Waitzkin, Silvie Granatelli and Susan Icove

Gibby Waitzkin, Silvie Granatelli and Susan Icove


Abby makes functional pottery with carved floral/sun inspired designs. She uses color and texture to transfer the emotions she gets from her visual surroundings, from the places that make her feel comforted and whole. Her intent is to bring to realization the brightness in the colors of nature. They are bright, yet have a subtly to them. She is constantly inspired by the rolling hills, the blue skies, the green grass, the orange wheat.

Inspired by natural elements and her South Western Virginia heritage, Annie uses many techniques to create interesting and unique wearable art. In the studio she begins her creations with precious metal clay. Incorporating hand-built and sculptural elements, she manipulates and forms the silver clay into original one-of-a-kind pieces of fine silver jewelry. Annie participates in juried art shows where she has won awards for her craft including first place in jewelry.