Anne Vaughan

Marrying an artist’s sense with grounded sensibility, Anne began creating and designing jewelry as a way to express her creativity and bring in additional income after leaving a career in education.  Five years later, Anne Vaughan Designs has dedicated employees and clients both nationally and internationally.

Anne can best be described as a collage artist, energized by the creative process.

Vintage finds, water color acrylic, semi-precious gemstones, hand selected turquoise and other unique components found along the trail are combined with fine and vintage metals to create one of a kind pieces to be cherished. Anne creates jewelry that is described as organic… yet it remains simple and elegant in form and function.

The inspiration for the pieces often comes from landscapes while exploring the outdoors, eye-catching fabric and attire, as well as other pieces of jewelry she sees people wearing on her travels. Her two beautiful children, Gabe and Autumn, inspire her daily.

Immersion into the process of creating this art becomes an energizing process for Anne, and her pieces are created with a timeless appeal that crosses generational lines.

2116 Franklin Pike SE
Floyd, VA 24091