Sarah McCarthy

I am drawn to functional ceramics because of its usefulness and its ability to enhance the beauty of a given moment, whether it is in food presentation or drinking a cup of tea. I will forever be evolving my technical knowledge with a 'beginner's mind,' a spontaneous state of being with endless possibilities. 

I am driven in the studio by experimentation and  creating interesting surfaces. I apply  oxides and slips then handpaint glazes on my designs. My new work is  playing with bright colors on a matte surface. The flowers are inspired by my daughters drawings and the naturalness of kid art.

I work at my home studio in Floyd, VA . I am a self taught potter who gained my foundation in ceramics from Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts and all the outstanding ceramic gurus that pass through there. I am also a childrens yoga teacher, mother, lover of movement and meditation and being outside. My perfect moment is in the sun drinking a cup of tea with my amazing family!

512 Fairview Church Rd
Floyd, Virginia 24091